Jean-Louis Blais is licensed by th Canadian Kennel Club to judge the Sporting (Group 1)  the Working (Group 3), the Herding (Group 7)  and BIS plus a permit for the first half of the Hound Group He is also approved by AKC and by FCI. . Judging regularty  in Canada and in USA , he has also officiated  in other countries  like Philippines, Brasil (2 times ) , Mexico, Finland, Spain and France..and in Italy...Recently He has judged the Labrador  USA National in California.  In 2017 he was besides all breeds shows he was nvited to judge in Italy, USA , Finland , Argentina , Japan and Denmark,  In 2018 he will judged in Poland, at LRC of Wales (UK), LRC of Greater Boston and LRC of Potomac and of course at some all-breeds shows.


Here judging  in Brasil                                                                                                 and in USA



    Chocolatier    Caid    Jules  Herve  Cyril    Eugene Victor
   Chouchou  Blanche  Brume  Lily   Mon Petit Chou  Josephine Chou a la Creme  Ebene  Et Voilą CoriandreLotus