Pale yellow, larger and shown in heavier condition than class winner. Very typey with a lovely head and expression. Nicely angulated with good shoulders and a strong rear (LRCJS 2005, Margaret Wilson, Shadowglen)     

"Very typical bitch, so well balanced, good bone and substance, showed well" (Erica Jayes, Sandylands, LRC of Potomac 2005)

"Clean outlined yellow, pretty head and expression with well set ears. Strong neck with good layback of shoulder. Not in the best of coats but with eye catching mouvement" (Alan Porter, Lindall, UK, LRCC 2005)

"Really lovely yellow bitch; took my eye the instant she came into the ring. Beautifully made, good front angulation, strong rear quarters, excellent bend of stiffle. Very good mover, certainly covers the ground. Noticeable in profile. Dark eye rims and black nose to contribute to lovely expression" (First in 12-15, LOC 2005 under Fiona Braddon, Trendlewood, UK)

"Stylish yellow. Kind expression, good pigmentation, lovely reach of neck, good front angulation, excellent chest, loins croup, wide rear with low -set hocks. Excellent tailset, good movementm just a little erratic in front. Dense , slighly short coat " ( Bolette Heering, Melicmarck Labs, Denmark) , 1st AOAC Bred-By-Exh. , Mid-Jersey LRC 2005

Pedigree: Ch.Chablais Chère Camée "Camée"                                                          

1st in  6-9 months & Best Puppy in Show,  LRC of Mid Jersey 04 (The Reynolds ,Carromer,UK & JGranneman, Janrod)                                                                                                                                                                          RWB (from 9-12) under Barb. Nowak (Browhills)jan.17th 2005                                  

WB & BOW (4pts) LRC of Mid-Jersey (A. Verbeek de Neef, , Farbourne,Netherland)                                                                                                                                                                                        RWB  Supported entry, Syracuse 2005 (S.Huntzinger,Riverlane)                                    

1st (12-15 m.) LRC of Potomac 2005)                                                                                                                                                                        1st (12-15mos.)) under F.Braddon(Trendlewood, UK) and A. Porter (Lindall) at LOC & LRCC 2005 Specialties                                                                                                                                                                                           1st in 12-18 months,LRCGB , june 2005                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          1st Bred-By- Exh. , MJLRC 2005 Guy Spagnolo                                                                                                             1st Bred-By & Best Bred-By MJLRC 2005, Bolette Heering   

New Champion

Sexe  Female/Femelle
Color/Couleur : Yellow/Jaune
Born, Née le : 13-03-04 (dmy-jma)
CCC, AKC : PE926694  SR21393001
OFA hips & elbows.: LR-163027G29F-PI  LR-EL32534F29-PI
CERF: ACVO normal /Optigen normal for PRA ( by parentage)
Owner/Propr. J.-L. Blais & M. Charest




Arrieres Grands-Parents /Greats-Grands-Parents

crochet haut.gif (83 octets)

Ch.Dickendall Davaron Gable(B/Y)

crochet long haut.gif (124 octets)

Ch. Tabatha's Hunterleigh Gaudy (Y)


crochet bas.gif (85 octets)

Ch Tabatha's Giggle(Y) 

Can.Ch. Chablais Ouzo (Y)


crochet haut.gif (83 octets)

Ch.Rainell The Beat Goes On (Y)

crochet long bas.gif (124 octets)

Multi BISS Am.Can.Ch. Chablais Olivia(Y)

crochet bas.gif (85 octets)

Multi BISS. AM.Can.Ch. Chablais Mia (Y)

crochet haut.gif (83 octets)

BISS Am.Can.Ch. Wiscoy Noah (B)

crochet long haut.gif (124 octets)

Ch. Tormentil Chablais Charlie Lad (B/Y)


crochet bas.gif (85 octets)

Ch. Toplicht Fleur Charlee My Girl (Y)

 BISS.Ch Chablais Béatrice "Sushi" WC (Y) 


crochet haut.gif (83 octets)

BISS Ch. Ranbourne This Bud's For You (B/Y)

crochet long bas.gif (124 octets)

Am.Can.Ch Chablais Camélia  (Y)

crochet bas.gif (85 octets)

Multi BISS Am.Can.Ch Chablais Mia (Y)

    Chocolatier    Caid    Jules  Herve  Cyril  Victor  Eugene 
    Brume  Lily   Mon Petit Chou  Chou A La Creme  Ebene  Et Voilà Coriandre Lotus Kahlua