"One of the top chocolates. Super head, neck,shoulder ,topline, tailset and tail. Grand bones and feet. Lovely picture"  (LOC 2003 ,Pia Razera Brulin, Winnie, Suede) )       

"Very typey bitch. Good coat,very happy, good topline, lovely expression, good bone" (Janet Farmilette, Mijan, LOC 2004)                                                                   

"I liked everything about this bitch. Her overall picture was excellent. Well balanced with     a lovely head and eye. Barrelled ribs and very good width of hindquarter, moves very well.Sadly she was out of coat and as with chocs it was several shades and on the day she   had to take 2nd place. "( Les Brabban,Cambremer, U.K  .JSLRC, 04)                    

"Beautiful type with appealing head and expression. Correct eye colour, clean through neck and shoulder, Deep body in good coat. An excellent mover with strong quarters. " (Alan Porter, Lindall,UK, LRCC National,june 2005) WB & BOS, LRCC National 2005         

 "So very typical well made chocolate bitch, very good eye colour to match coat which was even colour and correct texture. Very sound. Excellent mover, true both going and coming. Deep through brisket , level topline, which she kept at all times. Lovely flow in outline from head, neck, withers to tip of tail which was fully clothed all round, truly otter type.  Absolutely superb, fit, mature chocolate bitch which near perfect conformation, moved soundly. Found it hard to fault her, she just could not denied this award and easily stood      out to win Best of Opposite Sex over some very good quality champions"     WB & BOS,  LOC 2005 (Fional Braddon , Trendlewood, UK  

"Superb chocolate bitch. Excellent breed type all through. Beautiful well-proportioned head. Lovely reach of neck, excellent body and rear construction. Long wide thighs, low-set hocks, excellent topline, coat and tail, good mouvement . Typical Labrador temperament" (Bolette Heering, Melicmark Labs, Denmark)  WB & BOW, Mid-Jersey 2005)

Pedigree of/de: Ch.Chablais Céleste "Céleste

Best in Sweeps (LRC of Canada 2002, judge: R. Blouin)                               

WB & BOS at LOC & at LRCC National 2005 Judges: Allen. & Linda. Porter  (Lindall, UK) & Fiona Braddon (Trendlewood, UK)      

5 Point Major in USA under Roy Cone, (Waterbound, Texas), LRC of Greater Boston Specialty, june 2005

Second 5 point major in USA, WB   under Bolette Heering, Melicmark, Denmark) MJLRC,oct 2005 & BOW under Jill Ickoswki (Wiscoy)

Finished in Canada with three 5 points 

Sexe : Female/Femelle
Color/Couleur:  Chocolate/Chocolat
Born, Née le : 30-09-01 (dmy-jma)
CCC , AKC: LS758162  SN919802/01
OFA:hips & elbows LR-137522G24F LR-EL20857F24
CERF & Optigen: ACVO normal ,Optigen normal
Owner/Propr. : J.-L. Blais & M. Charest



                                                                                                                                    Arrieres Grands-Parents /Greats-Grands-Parents

crochet haut.gif (83 octets)

Bradham Show Stopper

crochet long haut.gif (124 octets)

Am. Can. Ch.Boothgate Chief Producer (C)


crochet bas.gif (85 octets)

Oulsmi Endless Love

Can.Ch.Superbe Moka des Savanes (C)


crochet haut.gif (83 octets)

Am.Can.Ch Byrnebank Clearly Great JH

crochet long bas.gif (124 octets)

Superbe Ombrelle des Savanes

crochet bas.gif (85 octets)

Multi BISS Am.Can.Ch. Superbe Brise des Savanes

crochet haut.gif (83 octets)

Eng.Ch.Davricard Bobby Shafto(B/C)

crochet long haut.gif (124 octets)

Can Ch.Chablais Momento   (C)


crochet bas.gif (85 octets)

Can.Ch. Chablais Shakespeare Simone

Chablais Lily Fatale (B/Y/C)


crochet haut.gif (83 octets)

Am.Can.Ch. Bradking Mike

crochet long bas.gif (124 octets)

Multi BISS Am.Can.Ch. Chablais Myrtille

crochet bas.gif (85 octets)

Can Ch ChablaisCroustille

    Chocolatier    Caid    Jules  Herve  Cyril  Victor  Eugene 
    Brume  Lily   Mon Petit Chou  Chou A La Creme  Ebene  Et Voilà Coriandre Lotus Kahlua