" Outstanding puppy of superb balance. Completely made in one piece. Absolute quality from her gorgeous head to the tip of her ottertail. Head beautifully moulded with intelligent expression. Straight front with neat feet. Well boned legs, compact body. Excellent layback of shoulder, beautifully developed quarters, nicely angulated at rear. Moved to perfection, Shown absolutely beautifully for her handler. Very promising indeed"                       ( H. Wiles-Fone, Heatherbourne, UK, LOC 1990)

"My note says it all-just gorgeous from all angles. Her balance profile is the hallmark we aim for. Loveliest of feminine heads, gibing out that soft, kind expression. Lovely, clean neck neck to good shoulder, strong bone right through to neat feet. Well developped chest and good barrel of ribs. Excels in quarter and angulation with the hock being strong and well let down. She moves with drive and good reach and I had no hesitation in making her Winners Bitch" (Marion Hopkinson ,Rocheby, UK. LRC of Potomac 1991)

"A yearling yellow bitch absolutely beautiful type and performance with great legs, beautiful body, hard condition, and beautiful coat. She's beautiful, beautiful Labrador. ....I was particularly taken with the Winners Bitch, who, I think, had she not been quite so tired after having to come all through the classes and through the sweepstakes and so on, and had shown with a little bit more verve, might have won the whole thing. She is perfectly beautiful bitch, Can.Ch. Chablais Myrtille, and ended up my Best of Winners"  (Anne Rogers Clark, LRC of Potomac 1991)

"The first time I 've seen this lovely bitch . Tremendous type, just an absolutely beautiful , balanced, clean outline; very pretty head and expression; showed well, a great pleasure to judge"  (Best of Breed , LRC of Greater Boston, 1991, M. Woods, Waterdogs)

"I have always loved that bitch. What can I say about this "grande dame" who can still light up a ring and hold her own with the best except that for me she still has all." (B.Barfield,Scrimshaw,Greater Boston , 1999)

Pedigree of/de: Multi BISS. & Multi BPIS, Am.Can.Ch. Chablais Myrtille (Y)  "Myrtille  

Finished her USA Championship before 2 years old with three consecutive 5 point major :LRCCC (F.Roy Ellison, Scotland), MJLRC (Debra Lynn Krier) & LRC of Potomac (Mrs Hopkinson, Rocheby)                                                                              

BOB US National ( Lorraine Taylor,Killingworth) 


Multi Best in Sweeps , Best Puppy  and Best of Breed in Specialites 

"Once in a lifetime bitch"                       


Sexe : Female/Femelle
Color/Couleur  Yellow/Jaune
Born, Née le: 04-11-89 (dmy-jma)
CCC, AKC : WW797371,SF992700
OFA : LR-42761G24-T
CERF : LR-7427/95
Owner/Propr.  Chablais


Grands-Parents Arrieres Grands-Parents /Greats-Grands-Parents

crochet haut.gif (83 octets)

Am. Can.Eng.Sh.Ch. Lindall Mastercraft (B/c)

crochet long haut.gif (124 octets)

Eng.Ch.Kupros Master Mariner (B/c)


crochet bas.gif (85 octets)

Kupros Bridget (B)

Am.Can.Ch.Bradking Mike (U.K.) (B/y)


crochet haut.gif (83 octets)

Eng.Sh. Ch.Bradking Cassidy (Y)

crochet long bas.gif (124 octets)

Keysun Ruling Star of Bradking (Y)

crochet bas.gif (85 octets)

Keysun Reka (Y)

crochet haut.gif (83 octets)

Eng Sh Ch Bradking Cassidy (Y)

crochet long haut.gif (124 octets)

Am. Can. Ch. Bda Bradking Rangeways Mr. Chips (Y) UK


crochet bas.gif (85 octets)

Bradking Gracious Girl of Rangeways (Y)

Can.Ch.Chablais Croustille (B/y)


crochet haut.gif (83 octets)

Am. Can. Ch. Ebonylane's Buccaneer Gold CD (Y)

crochet long bas.gif (124 octets)

Can.Ch.Lindenhall's Olan de Chablais (B/Y)

crochet bas.gif (85 octets)

Lindenhall's Lady Patricia(B)

    Chocolatier    Caid    Jules  Herve  Cyril  Victor  Eugene 
    Brume  Lily   Mon Petit Chou  Chou A La Creme  Ebene  Et Voilà Coriandre Lotus Kahlua