"A really nice yellow, a bit heavy today. Nice head ,super pigmentation. Strong top line, nice bone and feet" (Pia Razera Brulin, Suede)

"Handsome yellow who really stamps his get" (Barbara Barfield,EOLBA july 2004)

Pedigree of/de Ch Chablais Phoenix                                          Specialties Classes Winners                               

RWD (LRCM2003, B.Gilchrist)                

RWD (LRC of Iroquois2004,L.Weiss)        

WD & BOS (nov.2003,5 pts,C. Barton)      

WD & BOB (nov.2003,5 pts,J Forsight)

A new Champion/Un Nouveau Champion


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Sexe : Mâle/male
Color/Couleur: Jaune/ (Y)
Born, Né le:  16-12-01(dmy-jma)
CCC: LY768533
OFA .: LR-140811G25M-PI  , LR-EL22231M25-PI
CERF /OptiGen ACVO normal/ Pattern/Genotype A1
Owner/Prop: Chablais 


Grands-Parents Arrieres Grands-Parents /Greats-Grands-Parents

crochet haut.gif (83 octets)

Chablais Black Bear (B/Y)

crochet long haut.gif (124 octets)

Multi BISS.Can.Am.Ch. Wiscoy's Don't Sell Me Short


crochet bas.gif (85 octets)

Wiscoy's Wishes Come True

Can.Phil.Gr.Ch. & HOF Chablais Bogart "Léo"(Y)


crochet haut.gif (83 octets)

Ch.Chablais Momento (C)

crochet long bas.gif (124 octets)

Chablais Lily Fatale (B/Y/C)

crochet bas.gif (85 octets)

Multi BISS Am.Can.Ch. Myrtille (Y)

crochet haut.gif (83 octets)

Eng.Ch. Kupros Master Mariner.

crochet long haut.gif (124 octets)

BISS Am.Can.Ch. Sandylands Marshal (B/y)


crochet bas.gif (85 octets)

Sandylands Bramble (B)

               Multi BISS.Am.Can.Ch. Chablais Mia(Y)


crochet haut.gif (83 octets)

Am. Can. Ch.Bradking Mike (U.K.) (B/y)

crochet long bas.gif (124 octets)

Multi BISS Am. Can. Ch. Chablais Myrtille (Y)

crochet bas.gif (85 octets)

Can.Ch. Chablais Croustille (B)



    Chocolatier    Caid    Jules  Herve  Cyril  Victor  Eugene 
    Brume  Lily   Mon Petit Chou  Chou A La Creme  Ebene  Et Voilà Coriandre Lotus Kahlua