"Beautiful black female with a lovely feminine head and expression. Good coat and body condition. Well balanced with good angulation. Good movement. Proud to give her a AOM" ( Jeff Gilmore, Borowick , at EOLBA 2009)

Pedigree of/de: Can.Ch.Chablais Violette (B/C) 

MeilleureFemelle/Winners Bitch., (5 pt major)  at LRCC of Greater Boston 2009 under Mrs Linda Major (Linjor, UK)

4 pt major uner Mrs. Chery Conway (Thornwood labradors)

AOM, EOLBA 2009 under Jeff Gilmore, Borowick

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Sexe : Female/Femelle
Color/Couleur:  Black/Noir
Born, Née le : 03/11/06 (dmy-jma)
CCC , AKC: SW123666, SR41146303
OFA :hips & elbows/hanches et coudes OFA hips good , elbows normal  LR-188548G43F-VP1 LR-EL48001F43-VP1                                    
Eyes/yeux: Optigen for PRA ACVO normal   normal/clear by parentage
Owner/Propr. : J.-L. Blais & M. Charest


Grands-Parents Arrieres Grands-Parents /Greats-Grands-Parents

crochet haut.gif (83 octets)

Ch Chablais Momento

crochet long haut.gif (124 octets)

Multi BISS Am.Can. Cn. Ch. Chablais John Kaffe(C)


crochet bas.gif (85 octets)

BISS Ch. Chablais Mioumiou

Multi BISS Am.Can.Ch. Chablais Marcello (C)



crochet haut.gif (83 octets)

Ch. Superbe Moka des Savanes

crochet long bas.gif (124 octets)

Ch. Chablais Miss Zia

crochet bas.gif (85 octets)

Chablais Lily Fatale

crochet haut.gif (83 octets)

Am.Ch. Dickendall Arnold

crochet long haut.gif (124 octets)

Multi BISS & BIS Am.Can.Pr.Ch Tabatha's Rollick At Carowby JH CD CD    (B/C)


crochet bas.gif (85 octets)

Tabatha's Siren

Ch. Chablais Séréna (B/C)

(2 majors in USA)


crochet haut.gif (83 octets)

BISS Am.Can.Ch. Boothgate's Chief Producer CD WC 

crochet long bas.gif (124 octets)

BISS Ch Chablais Mioumiou

crochet bas.gif (85 octets)

Can Ch. Chablais Shakespeare Simone  (5 pt major in USA)

    Chocolatier    Caid    Jules  Herve  Cyril  Victor  Eugene 
    Brume  Lily   Mon Petit Chou  Chou A La Creme  Ebene  Et Voilà Coriandre Lotus Kahlua